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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Question 1) What's up with the web site?  Where is the high quality HTML?

Answer 1) Membership is free, so not a big budget for fancy web sites.  Although membership is free, members are encouraged to contribute non-monetarily to help the association meet its mission.    So if any members want to contribute some web site design… that would be welcome.


Question 2) What is the origin of the PEP motto, "Res Non Ipsa Loquitur"?

Answer 2) Res non ipsa loquitur is Latin for "the thing does not speak for itself".   It was chosen because it represents the challenge of PnL Explained and the challenge that a typical PnL Explained professional faces.  PnL does not explain itself… that is what the PnL Explained Professional must do.  Because of various reasons which may include a lack of understanding of the intricacies of PnL Explained… some may consider PnL Explained 'easy' and therefore not appreciate a) the large amount of work required or b) the high value of getting a PnL Explained professional to contribute to a PnL Explained reporting project. 

It is also a slight twist on the common legal phrase "res ipsa loquitur", which translates into "the thing speaks for itself".  Because of the twist, the motto is meant to be slightly humorous, as in… it is a bit of an inside joke for people who a) know Latin and b) know how difficult it is to explain why explaining PnL is so difficult when some people feel it should be easy.   It is appropriate that the motto of the PnL Explained Professionals association have a humorous twist since humor is a good thing and an having a sense of humor can be an important part of being a PnL Explained Professional.


Question 3) What is the acronym for the association?

Answer 3) PEP, short for PnL Explained Professional association.


Question 4) What are the benefits of membership in PEP?

Answer 4) The benefits are still being worked out.  Click on this link for details as/when they become available:  Membership


Question 5) How can I find out more about PnL Explained?

Answer 5) Click on this link: PnL Explained FAQ






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